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Marijuana; Hawaii's Billion Dollar Tax-free Industry

by Mary Whispering Wind, Oct 21, 2012

Over a decade ago, Hawaii's vanguard legislation created compassionate medical marijuana laws that grant Hawaii's registered medical marijuana patients protection from prosecution, within certain closely defined limits.

Hawaii's laws have remained strict against marijuana. The buying or selling of any form of marijuana is illegal in Hawaii.

Despite Hawaii's marijuana prohibition, marijuana is one of Hawaii's largest industries and sales of Hawaii's high-quality recreational marijuana are estimated at over a billion tax-free dollars a year.


In 400 BC, Herodotus, known as the father of history, recorded that the Scythians in Eastern Europe enjoyed wild Cannabis saunas. They nestled inside small tents, and placed the seed-buds on blazing hot stones, and were elated by the vapors. Over 2000 years later, thousands of tourists comb Maui's beaches for pakalolo for sale.

Photo courtsey of Patients Without Time.

One well cared for marijuana plant can produce hundreds of dollars worth of marijuana. Many Hawaii folks grow one or two of these lucrative plants in their garden, garage, or closet to help ends meet.

On a much larger scale, commercial marijuana growers and distributors operate completely in the shadows. Despite, Hawaii's controversial "Green Harvest" marijuana sales remain high in Hawaii.

Many folks agree that passing laws that equalize marijuana with alcohol would dramatically increase tax revenue, create jobs, and transform Hawaii's largest criminal network into tax-paying businesses.

Contact your Hawaii house representatives and Hawaii Senators and let them know your position on marijuana laws in Hawaii.




US Government DEA has determined that:

"Low doses (of cannabis) tend to induce a sense of well-being and a dreamy state of relaxation, which may be accompanied by a more vivid sense of sight, smell, taste, and hearing, as well as by subtle alterations in thought formation and expression."

US Drug Enforcement Administration
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