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Maui's Corptocracy; Corporate Control of Maui's Land & Water

by Mary Whispering Wind, Nov. 11, 2012


The Hawaiian Organic Act, enacted in 1900, was a US federal law enacted to provide a government for the territory of Hawaii. It limited corporate ownership of land to no more than 1,000 acres.


The Hawaiian Organic Act was an attempt to stop large corporations from taking over the islands of Hawaii, and ensure that small family farms and businesses could flourish.


The effort to limit corporate control of Maui's land failed and big business took over. An oligarchy, called the Big Five, Castle & Cooke, Alexander & Baldwin, C. Brewer & Co, American Factors (Amfac) and Theo H. Davies & Co, dominated every facet of commerce and government in Hawaii.


Today, Alexander & Baldwin (A&B) owns 88,000 acres, and controls vast land and real estate holdings on Maui. Their subsidiary company HC&S company occupies 36,000 acres on Maui.


If the Hawaiian Organic Act of 1900 had remained in effect, instead of one sugar cane company, Maui could have supported 900 family farms of 40 acres each. However, the Chairman offered his opinion saying, “The ordinary man can not do very much with 20 or 30 or 40 acres of sugar land.”


The Organic Act's vision of turning Maui into a bountiful, self-sustaining, paradise of organic biodiversity ended.


Today Maui is a mainland-dependent haven of genetic engineered mono-cropping.


Hawaii imports everything, even bananas, sugar, and pineapples!

Corporate control of Maui's watersheds?

A&B promotes itself as Stewards of Maui's watershed. This billion dollar corporation spends tax-deductible dollars to control Maui's water with money collected from us, the people! Maui citizens did not elect Alexander & Baldwin to be our Stewards.


The 8,304-acre Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve, which was called Wao akua (forest of the gods) by native Hawaiians, was sacred to the people of Hawaii.  Now the watershed is owned entirely by Maui Land & Pineapple Company, which also owns approximately 22,000 acres on the island of Maui, and operates the Kapalua Resort community. They also manage 3,307 of Makai Conservation lands.



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